Newsletters for Personal Trainers

“The Deadlift” heavy-hitting newsletter!

The Deadlift – the big Daddy of strength exercises and the big Daddy of newsletter services.

For £179 a month, I’ll write you an exclusive 6-page (A4) newsletter to send out to as many prospects, clients or new contacts as you want. The newsletter will help you lock out competition and dominate your local area.

What’s included?

  • one 6-page newsletter written for you every month
  • the newsletter will have your town’s name in the title (ie “Wokingham Fitness Newsletter”) and I will not write a newsletter for another PT in your town for the duration of your time with me
  • you don’t need to write a word
  • newsletter will be sent to your email address before your deadline, in the form of a PDF (unless you’d prefer another format)
  • printing can be arranged for a small additional fee

How is it put together?

  • I conduct a short telephone interview with you every month, where you tell me what you’ve been up to, what courses or classes you’re running, what special offers you may have on, etc
  • you send me your logo, photo and other recommended branded items
  • I email you an outline of suggested article themes. You can give me the go-ahead at this stage, or suggest additions/amendments
  • I write, whilst you train!
  • I send you a draft of your newsletter, and you are free to request changes/amendments
  • The final version lands in your inbox in plenty of time for you to print out and send to clients


  • 6 months: £179 per month for 6 months
  • 12 months: £179 for 11 months and your 12th month FREE
  • For either service, I promise not to write a newsletter for another PT in your town for the duration of our time together. You will be the only “your town name” fitness newsletter I will write during that time.

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