Newsletters for Personal Trainers

Do you need a newsletter?

You’re a freelance PT, bootcamp instructor or coach and you want to dominate your local area. Good for you! You’ve got loads of things to do and I’d like to take just one of those off your hands: writing a friendly, exciting and compelling newsletter which you can send to existing clients and prospects on a regular basis.

Newsletters are a hugely effective marketing tool. If something’s posted through your client’s door, chances are they will sit down and flick through it. They won’t feel like they’re being sold to. Instead, they’ll feel they’re being given friendly advice and useful information. Regular emails help to build your brand, enhance people’s awareness of you and get your voice known throughout your local area.

I offer a range of newsletter-writing services for PTs across the country:

The Deadlift

The heavy-hitter of my newsletter services. You won’t have to write a word and I will help you lock out competition and dominate your local area.

The Lunge

A shorter newsletter for a mid-range price. Deceptively hard-working!

The Split-squat

A few clever tricks make this newsletter truly affordable. A great option for a group of PTs in different locations.


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